1966 Chevelle Pro Series Seats, Lowback w/ Headrests, Pair

1966 Chevelle Pro Series Seats, Lowback w/ Headrests, Pair

Code: 47-8216


Made to order. Ships in 6-8 weeks.

Key Features:
  • Fully Assembled Seat
  • Full Metal Frame
  • Full Bolt in Seat Track
  • Headrests Included
  • Ability to Lean Back

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Product Details

Are you in search for new seats for your Classic? TMI’s new 1966 Chevelle Pro Series LowBack Seats with Headrests are fully assembled, out of the box, ready to install seats. The Pro Series Seats come with tracks, frames, and are fully adjustable – something you just weren’t able to do in a classic. The frame is a full metal frame, similar to what you would get in your factory vehicle, only these frames come with modern amenities. The seat itself has extra bolstering, and a nice horizontal pleat. Brackets for the frames will allow you to slide the seat forward or backwards and are available for specific years and models. TMI’s 1966 Chevelle Low Back Pro Series Seats with Headrests are the perfect replacement for your old and worn out stock seats. These seats are available now from Classic Car Interior!