Bel Air Seats

Classic Car Interior is home to premier Chevy Bel-Air Seats that can be the major difference from an average Bel-Air interior to a remarkable one. Our Bel-Air Seats are manufactured in the USA from TMI Products and are available in a large variety of combinations that could redefine the way your Bel-Air interior will look and feel. We provide everything from Split-Bench to Low Back Seats, all of them designed in different styles and sizes to fit your Chevy Bel-Air interior. Our Bel-Air Seats come in Pro Series editions and are available in Sport models like our Sport-R, Sport-X and Sport-VXR versions, all of them different from one another using different attachments, inserts and sizes. Whichever seat that you decide to pick can be customized to your preference using our Color Customization Tool, which allows you to freely customize the base color, outer color and stitch colors of your Bel-Air Seat. Depending on what Sport edition you have, it will also allow you to select the color for your suede or grommet insert, as well as the band color for your Bel-Air Seat.