TMI Pro Series Seats Sport Universal

When it comes to upgrading the seats in your classic car, Classic Car Interior highly recommends the TMI Pro Series Sport Seats. The Sport edition of TMI Products’ seats features extra bolstering along the side of the standard seats they offer. The extra bolstering is additional padding that creates a more comfortable fit than standard seats.

No matter what edition of the TMI Pro Series seats you choose, you will get the best product you can find. The TMI Pro Series seats are manufactured with expert precision to match the original seats used in classic cars. They are handcrafted by industry professionals with years of experience and sent through an extensive quality control procedure to guarantee they meet factory standards.

The TMI Pro Series Sport Seats come in a variety of colors to match virtually every existing classic car interior. We guarantee you will find exactly what you need and more to upgrade your classic car’s interior and complete the restoration.