TMI Pro Series Seats Sport VXR Universal

Do you need to upgrade the seats in your classic car? Classic Car Interior has just what you need to enhance the interior of your classic car with the TMI Pro Series Sport VXR Seats. Out of all the seats we offer, the TMI Pro Series Sport VXR Seats are the most customizable and stylish seats we carry.

With the TMI Pro Series Sport VXR Seats, you get the option to change the stitch, insert and grommet color. The stitching runs alongside the outer part of the seat and is available in blue, black, red, orange, white and grey. The insert and main seat material are made of durable vinyl; the main seat material remains black no matter what options you choose but the inserts change to match which stitch option you choose. Lastly, the grommets sit in a vertical row in the middle of the seat and come in either black, steel or brass.

Classic Car Interior recommends the TMI Pro Series Sport VXR Seats to all classic car owners because they are not only customizable but they are stylish, durable and provide the most comfort because of the bolstered seat foam.